Version 0.61 (Hotfix)

Just a quick hotfix which should take care of some gamebreaking bugs, 0.62 will arrive in a few days which will address overlapping issues concerning lower resolutions!

Changelog v.061

Major/Important changes

-Pressing F4 now switches between Fullscreen and Windowed mode

Minor changes

-Phoenix Ash's mines now explode
-Added walking zoom modifier option
-Removed Fog option for the time being, for being too heavy
-Added level 2 starting text
-Game now properly zooms out on lower resolutions

Bug fixes

-Fixed crashing at soul room when offering first soul for an item
-Fixed holes the player could fall through in Limbo's starting room
-Fixed crashing at pause menu
-Particle options fixed and more optimised
-Totem enemy now spawns correctly on top of each other
-Fixed some sounds not being muteable
-Fixed some sounds not stopping after resetting game
-Fixed level 2 bonus room door
-Fixed player intro hitbox
-Fixed Kibisis runestone being unlocked too early

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Nov 19, 2018


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