Version 0.60 released! (Changelog included)

Hi everyone,

After a whole year of work on multiple projects, a new version of Apotheosis is finally ready to be released! This version might have the most changes of all previously released ones; which is why I'm including a changelog as well. After a few days I will post a 0.61 version which will address a couple of resolution fixes, as well as any unknown bugs that might pop up. SO! If you encounter a bug, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM (preferably with screenshot if it concerns resolution errors).

Changelog v.060

Important/Big changes

  • Minibosses (“Legends”) are now encountered halfway during a level (3 of them are available in this demo)
  • The Buer miniboss can spawn in three variations
  • 15 new artifacts, 20 new stackable effects
  • Gameplay modifiers are now combinable and split up between Runes (player modifiers) and Sockets (game modifiers)
  • 10 new gameplay modifiers
  • A new boss
  • 6 new enemy variations
  • Option to trade in a soul for a random artifact at the start of the run (has to be unlocked first)
  • Visual overhaul of the main character (still lacks some animations)
  • Tiny frogs in level 2

Smaller changes

  • Completing the demo will properly loop the game, keeping all collected artifacts and ramping up the difficulty
  • Runestones and sockets are more unique in playing style and properly balanced
  • Increased difficulty spawns newer variations of enemies
  • Luck stat now influences artifact effect chance as well
  • Option added to make the camera zoom in on the player while walking
  • Option added to draw a line between the player and the cursor, as visual aiding
  • Godlike more intense
  • Visual overhaul of Wrath Origin
  • Transition after defeating boss changed; by entering a portal, one can teleport to the next area in a safe place
  • More visual + audio feedback
  • Elven Ear changed from teleportation to dashing
  • Camera has been redone, now properly zooming out when playing on a resolution lower than 1920x1080 and screen shake being less over-the-top
  • Unlocks are now properly displayed at the Game Over screen (with some excellent looking placeholders)
  • Lots of minor tweaks (collision, balancing, bug fixes)
  • Secrets added

Some known issues;

  • Menu screens (like the modifier screen) have some trouble properly resizing on lower resolutions
  • Some sounds are not mutable
  • Camera can show boundaries of the rooms

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Nov 17, 2018


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